‘The ground is ready and it’s time to play’

Kailash Vijayvargiya - News

KAILASH VIJAVARGIYA holds a large set of portfolios along with those of Industries & Employment in the government of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He was part of team in Mumbai to meet investors as Madhya Pradesh prepares for the Global Investors’ Summit in October. The team also included Chief Secretary R Parasuram, P K Dash, Additional Chief Secretary, Industries, Arun K Bhatt, Managing Director, MP TRIFAC, Rakesh Shrivastava, MD, MP State Agro Industries Development Corporation and S K Mishra, Secretary to the Chief Minister, among others. Soon after he met investors in Mumbai’s Taj Mahal hotel, Vijayvargiya spoke with Business Editor Jagdish Rattanani.

What’s the atmosphere in Madhya Pradesh at this time, when the global economy is reeling?
Globally the situation is very bad. But in Madhya Pradesh, we are doing well. This is because of our efforts at building infrastructure. The purchasing power of our farmers has grown. Hearing of our growth story, investors are looking at us as a suitable place to invest. We are that suitable investment destination. We have political stability. We have won with a heavy margin in whatever by polls that have been held. Local corporations went to the polls a fortnight ago and we won handsomely. People have the confidence that our government will stay for long and investors feel this is the state that gives stability and growth.

What’s the response you see in your meetings you’ve held with investors in Pune and Mumbai?
I’ll give you an example. John Deere came to us for 100 acres of land. We couldn’t give them land where they wanted. They took private land. Their biggest production hub is in Pune, with 60,000 units. They have come to MP for a capacity of 90,000 tractors. The construction of the factory is on. Now their suppliers want to come. Even in this time of recession, we have good investments flowing in. This is because of the revolutionary work in agriculture done by our Chief Minister. So agri- industry is seen a big boom. Fertilizer, transportation, tractors – all are seeing growing demand. And we say instead of a single window, we’ll offer a single table clearance with the Chief Minister at the head.

Is this a sudden change, or a new kind of push for investments?
This is not a sudden change. If you have to play a proper game, you must first fix the playground. That ground had to be prepared. We put infrastructure in place first. We have corrected the playing filed. The pitch is now ready. And we are here calling people to play on it.