The World Bank Appreciated E-Governance Of Madhya Pradesh

Kailash Vijayvargiya - News

Steps taken by Madhya Pradesh towards E-Governance got praised by the World Bank.On Thursday World bank’s senior governance expert,Grace Morgan with group of specialist had meeting with Information and Technology Minister,Kailash Vijayvergiya.At that time Vijayvergiya explained about the operativeness and application of E-governance and information technology in Madhya Pradesh for human welfare;also asked for support of world bank regarding Information Technology,E-Education,Tele medicine and E-Governance.

Information technology minister discussed with experts that information technology use is optimised to increase skillfulness in administration.That’s the reason that Madhya Pradesh is part of 5 states making best use of Information technology.Also,Vijayvergiya stressed on expansion of E-Education at primary education level in villages and also informed about attempt to provide tele medicine facility.