People’s Politician

He hails from a humble background of Indian middle class family, Shri Vijayvargiya ji has travelled far- a journey right from earth to sky. It’s interesting how a normal family guy becomes the national secretary of world’s largest political party, all through his hard work and dedication. People love him because he is close to their heart- he is a People’s Politician; a very down to earth person, approachable by all! He is appreciated for his nature not only within the party but Opposition too acknowledges his modest character.

Kailash Vijayvargiya ji’s heart lies in Malwa! He is a sitting MLA from Mahu city, and stays in Delhi for BJP’s operational & organisational work. Though living a hectic life in Delhi & always travelling for Party meetings & gathering, Shri Vijayvargiya is always present for Social Gathering, Welfare meets, Political meetings in his political Ranbhoomi Indore!

Kailash Vijayvargiya ji is currently in charge for Bharatiya Janata Party of West Bengal; and his hard work paid off in 2016 assembly election; the voting percentage of BJP increased like never before, and BJP acceptance in West Bengal is not only on rise but is also multiplying everyday. You can easily find people on his social media handles from Bengal acknowledging his efforts & declaring their affinity to the party, in fact people from West Bengal have started approaching him to solve problems & issues created by current ruling party Trinamool Congress.

Now Shri Vijayvargiya ji’s most of the time is spent in his Delhi Office; Known as Workaholic & dedicated he has a work schedule that stretches nearly 18 hours everyday.

Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya was appointed as incharge of Haryana Assembly election 2014, a well deserved recognition for his devotion & services towards party. Under his leadership in election campaign & groundwork, BJP won with majority in Haryana, forming a government for tenure 2014-2019. This grand election success prompted him to a face of national politics from a state leader & earned him the title of National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party.